Integrated Design

One firm. One voice. One focus: your project.

Here at Strang, we implement a proven, integrated design delivery approach to architecture, engineering and interior design. We believe architects, engineers and interior designers are meant to work together, sharing knowledge on major decisions and minor details.

Your facilities, regardless if new or newly renovated, will likely exemplify complex materials, rigorous engineered systems and rigid architectural performance requirements. Precise orchestration of these disciplines — even before software support begins— is critical to achieve optimal project outcomes. That is exactly why Strang is vertically integrated, with architects, engineers and interior designers in lock-step from project concept through completion. It is here, at the convergence of disciplines, where Strang clients tell us we provided real, tangible value.



We began in 1935 with a simple credo; architecture must inspire, enable and celebrate the human spirit.


Designing new or updating existing facilities with minimal life-cycle energy costs can significantly reduce environmental consequences.

Interior Design

We believe in approaching interiors from a holistic point of view creating an immersive design that enhances your culture, mission and values.


Why is master planning essential for growing organizations? It ensures your grounds and facilities preform at their fullest potential.


Energy Modeling

We believe energy modeling is a design tool engaged at the earliest possible stage of every project.

Lighting Design

Imaginative, economical and sustainable lighting design begins in the earliest stages of project development.