Interior Design

Empowering. Beautiful. Economical


Strang Interior Designers develop an effective project strategy, build actionable project plans, and drive daily activities, all while problem-solving along the way. So, how do we go about that?

To begin with, we are fully integrated on two levels, the first of which is client-driven. Strang Interior Designers ply our proprietary LISTEN DISCOVER DESIGN project development protocol to identify and assess your needs. They go beyond listening to truly seeing your visions, actually hearing your priorities and embracing your intentions. Every Strang Interior Designer makes timely decisions based upon facts, circumstances and needs, then utilizes proper channels to convey pertinent information to all stakeholders. Thorough, timely and documented exchanges are key to maintaining project communications, consensus and coordination. Equally important, Designers comprehend and assimilate your overall business including brand-driven insights, workplace strategies and culture. We believe your new space must be beautiful, functional and empowering.

The next level of integration occurs internally where Strang Interior Designers add real, tangible value by leading project management – beyond expectations. Our Designers develop project scope with architects, engineers, and planners to define a unified approach for your space – here too, clear communications are vital. Strang Designers convey space planning details, evaluations of products and materials, custom design elements, furnishing, finishes along with artwork and design intent throughout the entire team. Furthermore, our Designers evaluate the durability and maintenance requirements of every specification to understand the impact on your construction budget and maintenance program. Any issues that may arise are handled in stride as Designers work side-by-side with architects and engineers to keep your project on track and moving smoothly.

Yes, Strang Interior Designers are the source of incredibly creative and beautiful designs.  But go beyond that – redefine your expectations to include the tenacity, resourcefulness and leadership to actually make them happen – on time and budget.