Energy Modeling: Know Now


At Strang, energy modeling is a design tool engaged at the earliest possible stage of every project. This suite of software programs allows our experts to identify, analyze, and then select the most sustainable building forms, site orientations, materials, construction practices, and engineered systems for a specific facility. Those last several words are key, “for a specific facility”. Given the complex nature of our client’s projects, a one-size-fits-all or rules-of-thumb, or best guess approach is unacceptable. This is exactly what we mean when we say Strang transcends best practices to next practices.

Also keep in mind that energy modeling is equally important for renovations as well as new buildings. Think about it. With a new building you have a clean slate with every energy-related option ahead of you. With renovations, you often inherit “poorly aimed, good intentions” where energy-related decisions – for better or worse – have been made for you. In this case, energy modeling allows you to harvest as much energy savings as possible within a limited scope of opportunities.

And please know, energy modeling never makes decisions for you. It does, however, deliver quantifiable analytics to our experts who understand the functional intricacies and systems correlations within your project. In other words, energy modeling empowers our colleagues and clients to make intelligent, fact-based, sustainable design decisions…decisions that deliver real, tangible value.