Science + Technology

Strang has pioneered achievement in designing complex applied research facilities that inspire the life sciences, information technology and advanced manufacturing sectors. Strang’s award-winning Science & Technology Practice Group provides expert guidance on intricate planning and design requirements of both academic and private sector laboratory space, including dedicated research incubator and accelerator facilities.

Strang provides highly specialized lab planning and design council for biopharmaceutical research and production technology chain. Such counsel is predicated upon a thorough understanding of FDA requirements, cleanroom, performance principles and operations along with establishing (and enacting) recognized Standards of Operations and Production for individual clients.

 Strang is proud to serve these organizations for many years by providing design services to providing thought leadership to our nations research park leaders.

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Change Control Drawings and Documentation
Master planning
Space and functional programming
Site analysis and selection
Architectural and interior design
Value engineering and life-cycle cost analysis
Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering
Technology and IT design
Low-voltage electrical design
Materials specification
Lighting design
Interior colors and finishes selection
Construction administration
Facility management
Sustainable design