Listen. Discover. Design.

An open, collaborative Culture.


Our team implements a proven interdisciplinary process that’s solutions-neutral and allows our associates to collect, review and analyze client input, ensuring that architects, engineers, and interior planning experts discover together the unique opportunities inherent in your project. This is an evaluative step where thinking is challenged and “Next Practices” rise to the surface. Here’s how we go about that:

1. Listen

Great architecture and design will engage all of your senses. However, no stimulus is more important than sound; the sound of our client’s voice. Here, it all begins, simply enough, by listening — actively listening to your aspirations, visions and priorities. We don’t simply wait to speak; we actually hear you. We utilize a variety of “listening” tools and processes, i.e. Visual Preference Study, Town Hall Meetings and Benchmarking Analysis to name just a few. And, we’ve learned there is something very special about breaking bread with clients. Good food and conversation often leads to true insights and lasting friendships.

2. Discover

Strang knows the importance of understanding your entire organization long before your facility needs. This top-down, holistic approach requires that together, we evaluate (and comprehend) your business, your brand, beliefs and core values — among others. How thorough is the Discovery process? Let’s just say we would make a positive addition within your sales, personnel, customer service or marketing departments.

3. Design

Our design department consists of 50 talented professionals. Our entire staff headcount is 50; makes perfect sense to us. As we see it, no one has exclusive rights on creative, critical thinking. In fact, imagination, insight and innovation reverberate throughout our firm. Our definition of performance design is:

per•form•ance de•sign

Your project accomplished beautifully, sustainably and within budget and schedule.

‘Nough said.