We are excited to announce the opening of our new Milwaukee Regional Office. We are ready, willing and able to serve you from a new office located in Waukesha!

Since 1935, Strang associates have guided clientele throughout the nation from our office in Madison, WI. Having our staffers in one location was the genesis for Strang’s proprietary, synergistic protocol entitled, Design Synchronicity. Here, clients, architects, engineers and interior designers applied real-time, parallel expertise within a highly collaborative environment to address and resolve project opportunities or challenges, simultaneously.

We will nourish and strengthen a Design Synchronicity atmosphere with our second office. As you can imagine, we are excited to bring this innovation and creativity to the Greater Milwaukee Area. Advancements in digital, wireless and BlueStart technologies will facilitate, indeed empower our personnel to actually intensify interdisciplinary alliances and client connections at the same time.  Our new office will mirror technologies in Madison including high-definition teleconferencing, energy modeling and virtual reality software to mention a few.  And having a presence in the market will certainly contribute to more personal interactions. Now, we can apply both a “High Tech and High Touch” encounter to enhance our client experience.

We look forward to providing local guidance to our Milwaukee-area clients – and potential new friends as well.

Larry Barton

Larry Barton

President | CEO

Milwaukee Regional Office
W238N1610 Busse Road, Suite 102
Waukesha, WI 53188