Patting yourself on the back is OK, if you’ve worked hard and reached or exceeded your goals. At Strang, Inc., the purpose of our work isn’t to earn accolades. We simply want to succeed. But when someone else compliments us, we feel a sense of pride and naturally want to share it. And why not? Because it’s the opinions of our clients and business partners that matter most.

What’s it like working with Strang?

Brenda DeVita – Artistic Director
David Frank – Former Artistic Director
Kim Sponem – CEO/President, Summit Credit Union
Fred Foster – CEO, Electronic Theatre Controls

I wanted to reiterate what a wonderful experience it was to partner with the Strang team on our recent HealthEmotions building project. In only 11 months, together we completed the design and construction of a stunning and functional building. This timeline is almost unheard of in our usual process of business, and also to do it for an economic square footage cost and under budget is nearly unthinkable. Our timetable was quite challenging and it was great for all of us to see this come together so well in such a short amount of time. Jeffrey T. Charlson

Department Administrator, HealthEmotions