Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

State of Wisconsin

The 82,000 square foot, $18.5 million, Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (WVDL) provides testing services for regulatory monitoring and surveillance and diagnostic testing and evaluation for the State’s practicing veterinarians. Strang was commissioned to complete a facility program, site evaluation, and building design. The project’s objective was to identify and design a facility for WVDL that will enable it to meet its mission: “To provide leadership and excellence in diagnostic, consultative, and investigative services, education, and research; to promote the quality and economic viability of Wisconsin agriculture; and to safeguard animal and public health.” As a result of the site evaluation, a site on the UW-Madison campus, near the School of Veterinary Medicine, was selected for the new facility.

Facility components in the three story facility include extensive diagnostic laboratory spaces, administrative offices, necropsy, conferencing spaces, and laboratory support. The diagnostic laboratory spaces include chemistry, bacteriology, serology, virology, aquatics, and BioSafety Level-3 functions.

The facility makes use of daylighting principles to extensively provide daylight to perimeter lab spaces. Energy reclaim systems are utilized for laboratory HVAC systems.

The building provides shared office spaces for technical staff in order to reduce office space and to facilitate more staff time in the laboratory spaces where revenue is generated. “Breakout” spaces are also provided outside of laboratory spaces to allow staff opportunities for informal discussions/meetings and idea sharing. The two-story main entrance lobby is a “hub” and transition area to the laboratory wings and common spaces (such as conference rooms and training areas.

Strang personnel have orchestrated a true group effort and have been very supportive of the needs and requirements of all involved parties. Their highly qualified and professional way of conducting design meetings has been apparent from the onset. They communicate with state, university, and lab personnel frequently and effectively. They have designed a building for us that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. An extraordinary amount of time went in to small details as well as the larger considerations such as sample and personnel flow in the facility.


Robert M. Shull
Director, Wisconsin Veterinary
Diagnostic Laboratory

/ Second Place, best education development/renovation, InBusiness Magazine’s Commercial Design Awards

Madison, WI

State of Wisconsin

82,000 SF

Construction Type:
New Construction