New Planetarium and Science Wing Addition

University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley

UW-Fox Valley planned and built a new science wing, three-climate greenhouse complex, and world-class 100-seat planetarium/multimedia complex. This 46,000 square foot structure provides cutting-edge, science learning facilities.

The new multi-purpose, interdisciplinary planetarium features premiere distance learning and audiovisual equipment. A new Evans and Sutherland Digistar II projector is utilized for lights-on presentations, and possesses three-dimensional imaging capabilities that enable the planetarium to be a facility for the entire community. The use of the planetarium extends beyond astronomy to fields such as biochemistry, and students can observe DNA molecules in 3-dimensional.

The updated, flexible science spaces cluster faculty offices around naturally-lit breakout areas, which can be easily accessed by students and faculty. Informal meeting spaces, which facilitate scheduled and casual discussion, are woven into the building’s normal circulation flow.

Menasha, WI

University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley

46,000 SF

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