Summit Credit Union

Rimrock Branch Office

Strang designed this 45,000 square foot mixed-use commercial office building for Summit Credit Union (formerly Great Wisconsin Credit Union), including tenant build outs for the administrative offices and a drive-up/walk-in branch for a credit union. It has a high-tech aesthetic that uses ordinary off-the-shelf materials in extraordinary ways, including an exposed steel structure, exposed concrete floors, perforated stainless steel and corrugated metal panels with exposed fasteners.

Materials from the exterior of the building are incorporated inside to provide design consistency. The perforated aluminum used as a signage band on the exterior, also is used in vertical panels on the reception desk. The high-tech theme of the exterior has a palate of black ironspot brick, also is used for the base of the water feature in the lobby. A dynamic pathway, defined by a curved soffit with lighting, reinforces the curved lines of the reception desk. The first floor corridor has angled walls reinforced by angled soffits to add interest.

The unfinished concrete floors were not protected during the construction phase of the building and stains are left on the floor. This finish adds to the interest and texture. Curved soffits on the edges of the lobby space contain all of the HVAC allowing the middle portion of the ceiling to be open exposing the steel structure. Light and transparency is incorporated to create a welcoming, open environment. Splashes of color on the accent walls, furniture and lighting add excitement to the space. Transparent, purple-stained wood doors add additional color interest to the space. Curvilinear forms are used at the reception desk, ticket counter and tele-line.

Open office areas are located next to the exterior windows, while offices for middle management are located inboard with borrowed lights. Collaborative spaces such as the breakroom, conference room and boardroom are located at the corner of the building to maximize desirable daylight and views. Training rooms, workout rooms and other workrooms which do not utilized natural daylight are located inboard.

Madison, WI

Summit Credit Union

45,000 SF

Construction Type:
New Construction