Summit Credit Union

Greenfield Branch Office

In 2013, Madison-based Summit Credit Union commissioned Strang to design their West Allis branch. This striking structure was designed to establish a strategic presence for Summit Credit Union in the Greater Milwaukee community.

This branch is unlike the stereotypical financial institution. Typically, drive-up canopies are considered an eyesore, and are screened from the street. In this case, the drive-up canopy was celebrated by integrated it into the overall design composition of the facility. By rethinking the old notion of the “stuffy”, we created a sense of openness and transparency. The use of bright colors throughout provides a contemporary, energetic feel to the light-filled interior, creating a more informal and welcoming atmosphere for the branch.

The design and execution of this project is a heartwarming story of a “Win-Win” for both business and the community; quickly solidifying this branch as a well-known and iconic landmark in the West Allis community.

West Allis, WI

Summit Credit Union

13,800 SF

Construction Type:
New Construction