St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

Fine and Performing Arts Building

For 126 years, St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy has aspired to provide its students an outstanding learning experience based on four pillars: academics, athletics, leadership, and values. The administration and the board of trustees fully embrace the well-documented notions that inclusion of the arts is integral to a well-rounded education and that there is a direct link between a student’s overall success and his exposure to the various arts at an early age.

To this end, the Fine Arts Building is a 45,000-square foot building that houses a 450-seat auditorium with superb acoustics for musical and theatrical performances, instructional spaces for band, choir, bagpipes and the visual arts, and appropriate space to display the artistic talents of its cadets.

Perched on a brow on the edge of the St. John’s Northwestern campus overlooking the city of Delafield and its Veteran’s Memorial Riverwalk, the project is a marvelous opportunity to create a connection between the campus and the city. This project transforms an underutilized site that currently serves as a dumping ground into an attractive facade for the campus and a welcoming face to the city of Delafield. This project involves working with the City of Delafield to conduct a prairie restoration on the south end of the site, creating a spectacular foreground for the building and connecting it to the Veteran’s Memorial Riverwalk and the city.

Delafield, WI

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

45,000 SF

Construction Type:
New Construction