SAFC Pharma (formerly Tetrionics)

Sigma Aldrich Manufacturing Facility

When Tetrionics, a rapidly growing pharmaceutical outsourcing company, gained FDA approval to produce a new drug, the company selected Strang to plan a new facility to meet rigorous drug manufacturing regulations. The new 25,000 square foot headquarters was designed and constructed within 12 months, and provides more than ten times as much office, laboratory and production space as Tetrionics’ previous suite. Since Tetrionics anticipated quadrupling its staff in the first two years the new facility was operational, the facility was designed to attract and retain personnel.

GMP laboratories support production of chemically produced Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and early-stage drug development. These laboratories feature built-in flexibility to accommodate the changing focus of the drug development business, while a sophisticated air-handling system minimizes contamination. A pilot plant supports large-scale production to respond to Tetrionics’ outsourcing partners’ need for greater capacity. This production capacity allows the firm to establish relationships with partners from pre-clinical studies through commercial development.

Strang also designed the two-story, 39,500 square foot addition to the Tetrionics facility; the addition accommodates 45 people and supports increased capacity for this pharmaceutical outsourcing company. Building components include production, research and analytical laboratories; solvent storage; offices; conference room and support spaces including a break room.

Additional building components include a glass wash area and separate spaces for compound preparation, chemical quarantine and storage, research and development, quality control, regulatory compliance, and complex mechanical equipment. The facility also has administrative, sales and marketing offices, as well as shipping and receiving.

Madison, WI


25,000 SF (Phase I)
39,500 SF (Phase II)

Construction Type:
New Construction (Phase I)
Addition (Phase II)