MG&E Innovation Center

“Forbes Ten Technology Incubators Changing the World” Forbes 5.2010

In response to increasing space needs from Dane County’s rapidly growing and changing high-technology industry, Strang designed the 113,000 square foot Innovation Center in University Research Park (URP). The facility is three times as large as the high-tech incubator it replaced – houses 15 small companies specializing in research and development activities, including gene therapy, software development, cancer/AIDS research, and drug development.

The facility is flexible enough to respond to tenants’ diverse technical, space, and budget requirements, and adaptable to accommodate URP’s future tenants and their unique operations. To increase efficiency and support collaboration among the tenants, the Center features shared lab space, machine shop, multi-media training room, conference rooms, office equipment, commons/food service area, and reception. By sharing these building components, operating costs are reduced so tenants can channel their resources into product development. Modular laboratories are designed to accommodate a chemical fume hood, acid waste, and the lab tenants’ specialized equipment. Mechanical and plumbing systems provide excellent control, flexibility and efficiency at a low construction/capital cost.

A 4,000 square foot vivarium facility includes four independent rodent colonies, cage wash, and procedure room. The mechanical systems serving this suite are independent of the building system. Each suite features easy access to fiber-optic Internet links and automated building communication systems.

Madison, WI

University Research Park

113,000 SF

Construction Type:
New Construction