InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

National Service Center Renovation

The Design Team transformed the typical mundane office building into a vibrant, warm and welcoming home for InterVarsity’s National Service Center.  Designers used the responsible yet limited budget in creative ways to carve out impressive spaces, creating maximum effect with minimal expense. Strategic demolition was used to maximize daylighting allowing the team to integrate a mixture of formal and informal collaboration areas.

Collaboration areas were strategically placed throughout the four-story building to foster a sense of community amongst employees. These spaces were designed to encourage collaboration and communication without interrupting work in a fresh and contemporary space.

Located on the first floor, a unique sound isolated “green room” provides InterVarsity with flexible video production space. In tandem, ample audio and video production booths offer seamless production and increased productivity.

The second floor provides employees with a mixture of meeting spaces. An informal café space, inspired from the notion that people gather in the kitchen, provides employees with an informal, fun environment where they can collaborate and rejuvenate throughout the day. Additionally, three smaller training rooms flex with movable walls to accommodate InterVarsity’s annual 250-person staff meeting.

Throughout this space, existing glass panels were reused to create a striking entrance with increased transparency. Throughout the design intelligent space planning provides a comfortable home for InterVarsity’s 250 full-time employees, but provides enough flexibility to accommodate the influx of Urbana volunteers. InterVarsity now has a modern, warm, and welcoming home that will supports their inistry for many years to come.


Madison, WI

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

32,400 SF

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