General Heating and Air Conditioning

Corporate Headquarters


General Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc has been providing professional HVAC services to commercial and residential customers for over half a century. Strang recently designed a new three-story, 33,000 square foot corporate headquarters. The building’s interior and exterior design feature red and blue accents – the corporate colors. The building features a two-story lobby with exposed ductwork painted red and a blue corrugated wall, which aids in wayfinding. A custom three-story staircase features stainless steel details fabricated by Hooper’s metal shop. A skylight fills the space with natural daylight. Core amenities, such as restrooms, showers, and breakroom are located near this central hub of the building.

The building features durable materials, frosted glass doors, and sliding doors in the breakroom. Private offices are located along the east and west sides of the office. The spacious offices provide ample room for equipment. Transom windows provide natural daylight into the hallway, while providing visual and sound privacy from the hallway.

Madison, WI

General Heating and Air Conditioning

33,000 SF

Construction Type:
New Construction