Electronic Theatre Controls

World Headquarters

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC), a world leader in lighting equipment, commissioned Strang to design and build a 266,000 square foot new corporate headquarters to consolidate its operations, improve efficiency and encourage interaction.

The new building reflects ETC’s corporate culture and vision, and emphasizes its connection to theatre and the lighting industry. The building’s main entrance doubles as a stage and opens onto a sloped, grassy amphitheater area. The entrance lobby and central main-floor area are themed as an urban main-street movie set with an Edward Hopper Nighthawks-style corner café. A theatre with a classic marquee houses the product demonstration area. Offices flanking the town square have themed storefronts.

The facility was constructed for $72 per square foot. In order to meet this budget, ordinary, off-the-shelf materials were used in creative ways. For example, inexpensive industrial expanded steel mesh is woven throughout the building as exterior sun shading, rooftop screens, and scrim for the town square stage sets.

Middleton, WI

Electronic Theatre Controls

266,000 SF

Construction Type:
New Construction