Madison, WI

Strang has a 20+ year relationship with Covance, a contract testing laboratory, experienced rapid growth in its toxicology, agricultural and pharmaceutical chemistry departments.

North Addition – 158,000 s.f.
/ 80,000 s.f. of toxicology space, necropsy facilities, procedural and setup rooms
/ 35,000 square feet of chemistry, environmental fate, metabolism, bioanalysis, biochemistry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics labs.

Northeast Addition – 136,000 s.f.
/ 70,000 s.f. of new laboratory space and associated support facilities
/ 35,000 square feet of shelled space for future growth
West Build-out – 235,000 s.f.
/ 20,000 s.f. employee cafeteria
/ New employee entrance, Loading docks.
/ Dose formulation laboratories and Dose prep and sterile prep laboratories
/ 120 vivarium suites, Cage wash facilities, Glass wash facilities
/ Necropsy suite
/ Supporting offices, workstations and conferencing facilities
/ Parking structure for approximately 470 cars.
Other Strang designed projects include a new swine research facility, a new 7,500 square foot freezer building, a 30,000 square foot remodeling of the chemistry and biopharmaceutical labs, and an HIV testing lab.

Madison, WI


1,000,000+ SF

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