American Players Theatre

Touchstone Theatre and Support Building

Strang designed a new theater and support building for American Player’s Theatre. The 11,000 square foot theater building houses a 200-seat theater, a lobby, concessions, will call, dressing rooms and a green room. The 14,000 square foot Production Support Building is an economical, functional and efficient facility, which is compatible with the overall image and experience of APT. The building houses a paint shop, scene shop, offices, rehearsal hall and storage. The paint and maintenance shops feature an integrated fume exhaust system.

The Touchstone theatre has an informal, rustic and comfortable design. The goal was to transport visitors to a theatre in the woods. The lobby and patio are designed to provide for a seamless transition between the landscape and the interior. This includes a high degree of transparency, outdoor covered loggias and evokes a “theater in the woods” theme. In addition, the lobby and patio accommodates food service and seating requirements for special events.

Their work was quite original – they think “outsidethe-box” but originality was always a means never a goal for its own sake. As experienced professionals, they were also adept at keeping the design phase on schedule, on budget and in compliance with the many complex regulations involved. I have no hesitation in recommending Strang as talented, skilled, collaborative and highly competent architects.


David Frank
Former Producing Artistic Director
American Players Theatre

Spring Green, WI

American Players Theatre

11,000 SF (theatre)
14,000 SF (support building)

Construction Type:
New Construction