Master Planning

Plan For Success


Why is master planning essential for growing organizations? First, you want to ensure that your grounds and facilities realize their full asset potential. Second, you will also require a “by design” and disciplined protocol to align facilities and infrastructure capital requirements for near and long-term needs. And third, there must to be an intelligent, collaborative process by which to evaluate facility size, design standards, location, adjacencies, occupancy and development timetables. Convinced? Let’s get started.

In order to be relevant and provide real value, the master plan must be aligned with your strategic, operational or pedagogical goals – in some cases, all three. To achieve this, the planning process involves the highest relevant decision-makers within your organization. Such guidance offers the necessary metrics and insight to best align facilities and infrastructure development ensuring the most logical, cost-efficient facilities solution for near and long-term strategic needs.

Next, we conduct consensus-building seminars with appropriate user groups to determine their goals. Then we execute a thorough site analysis to help understand ecological functions and the site’s natural potential. These detailed site evaluations will provide strategic awareness of all relevant dynamics within the project scope. Next, we work collaboratively with your development team to review outcomes from stakeholders input sessions and determine the most intelligent approach to your master plan. The process will assure your developments realize their highest potential and exceed your expectations.

Strang master plans are both robust and resilient, able to assimilate the push and pull of the unforeseen. Organizations of all types benefit from this “planned flexibility”.