Technology Systems Integration

Strang provides a cohesive, 360° approach to designing the support infrastructure for critically integrated technological systems. We merge your IT (Information Technology), Audio Visual and Security systems’ needs, guided by your priorities, with our full scope of IT expertise to provide a solution supporting voice, data, access control, surveillance, and audio/video mediums.  The advantage of an integrated design approach is the development of a technological transport system designed to support digital convergence of multiple systems for many years to come.


Information Technology

Intelligent ITS (Information Transport Systems) is based upon providing a design to keep your organization’s networked systems seamlessly connected through a unified communications backbone.  Avoiding separate telecommunications and data networks with redundant installation and oftentimes complex infrastructures can be costly and unable to support emerging technologies. As a single platform of copper and fiber optic distribution media ITS melds telephony, mobile and desktop computing, security, audio and video sources onto an infrastructure designed for optimal performance, adaptability, and resource conservation.  We will evaluate your needs and assist you with determining the correct ITS system right-sized for your operation, schedule, and budget.


Audio Visual Technology

Here is where technology is (at once) contradictory and complimentary – not to mention, confusing.  Digital technologies now enhance and sometimes replace conventional analog technologies and have opened the flood gate of converging AV technologies.  From video conferencing CODEC formats, conversion technologies allowing multiple AV formats to operate over category rated cable, BYOD (bring your own device) interoperability, and interactive productivity solutions such as whiteboards (touch technologies) there now exists an unlimited, and ever changing , number of compatibility challenges to address – not to mention budgets.  Strang personal have the industry certifications, experience and expertise to guide you through “myth vs facts” to identify what makes sense for you – now and planned well into the future.


Security Access Control and Surveillance

The fundamental tenant of geographical (property) electronic access control and surveillance is protecting your core assets.  There are a number of security systems that can “do the job” but, which one is best for you: stand alone, analog, IP network based?  ESS systems (Electronic Security and Safety) Access Control, Intrusion Detection, CCTV (closed circuit television) Monitoring (and associated communication protocols) have distinct advantages and disadvantages. For example, IP network based or “intelligent” system components have different needs from traditional analog or hardwired system components.  ESS emerging technologies require advanced planning and interdepartmental communication – and cooperation.  We will help you identify and prioritize your physical asset protection needs within the constraints of your budget and deliver a design solution customized to secure your valued assets.