When competing with other companies for top talent, a high quality office design can give you the edge. In this first of a two-part series, learn how interior designers can create choice and flexibility at your work environment.

At one time, a nice office environment meant nothing more than a good chair with a window view. In today’s competition for the best employees, expectations are much higher. Staff members demand more from their office.

We now know that in the search for talent, office environments become a tangible benefit.

Employees seek choice and flexibility over how and where they work. Offering a mix of meeting spaces, collaborative areas and single-person enclaves allows for those choices. Seating of various styles, heights and functions also provide options. A multi-use work cafe allows for collaboration over coffee or lunch or another casual option to write that report.

WELL Building Standards, which assure good ventilation and comfortable work stations, also keep workers happy and productive. Strang is uniquely qualified in this respect with WELL-certified designers on staff.

Exemplary design also makes for a more comfortable environment. Well-lit offices are far more pleasant workspaces. Skylights and interior glass walls allow natural light into the office, well beyond the perimeter windows. Acoustic controls mitigate noise issues. And the list goes on.

Amazing interior design promotes wellness, productivity and collaboration. Add comfortable furniture, well-designed lighting and seating options and now you have a space where staff feel empowered to perform at their professional best.

Erica Ostendorf Mullins

Erica Ostendorf Mullins

Director | Interior Design