We’re very proud of our designs at Strang, but our projects couldn’t meet our high standards without quality construction work. So we were proud to celebrate when Kraemer Brothers was awarded for its excellent work on the American Players Theatre renovation.

There’s plenty of in-house collaboration in each of our projects at Strang. But there’s a bigger team at work outside, including the contractors who build what we’ve designed. The quality of the construction is essential to the success of our design.

We celebrated that success on Feb. 15 when Kraemer Brothers was awarded for its work on the American Players Theatre Up-The-Hill campus. Associated Builders and Contractors presented Kraemer Brothers with a Gold Award during the 25th Annual Wisconsin Projects of Distinction awards program.

The APT project had its challenges. Tucked into the woods of Spring Green, Wisconsin, the outdoor theatre is known for its quaint ambiance. The renovations had to be done carefully, so as not to upset the venue’s unique aesthetic.

The family-owned construction firm faced an aggressive construction schedule during the winter months with completion due in time for the venue’s opening last May. The construction crews had to accommodate the team at APT, which was preparing for the season’s big opener.

Our friends at Kraemer Brothers more than succeeded and made the entire team proud. We’re happy to see them honored for a job well-done and well-deserved.

Larry Barton

Larry Barton

President | CEO