When architects, engineers and interior designers work as one aligned team, it eliminates silo thinking and taps into the energy and experience that brings out their best collective work. This collaborative practice, with one team and one voice, ultimately leads to accomplishing a single goal – yours.

Synchronistic Design: Seize Thriving Facilities Practices Using A Proven Protocol That Acknowledges The Complex Interplay Of Spatial Design, Engineered Systems and The Interactive Nature Of Beautiful, Intelligent Buildings.

The premise is simple: When Strang architects, engineers and interior designers unite expertise behind your project, results can be spectacular. It is here, at the convergence of interdependent disciplines where our colleagues are collectively dialed-into assignments, evaluating together, how every decision can optimize your human, environmental and financial resources. Our collaborative practice eliminates silo thinking and taps into the energy, experience and enthusiasm from one aligned team. This is how your project can really hit its stride. One team. One voice. One goal – yours.

At Strang, we practice Synchronistic Design, an advantageous project development, design and management practice that encapsulates our clients’ vision and priorities. Our entire team pulls together to assimilate that input, explore opportunities (and challenges) and only then, consider design direction.

This project development model yields beautifully functional designs that embrace intelligent engineered systems and inspire brilliant, future-focused interior scapes. Imagine – architects, engineers and interior designers – from one source – who actually respect each other’s perspectives. Such an approach and attitude ultimately heightens everyone’s performance to the benefit of your project.

Larry Barton

Larry Barton

President | CEO